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Fantasy lover- A beautiful dream🤢


As a book lover, the first thing that cames in mind is ‘Fantasy’ or ‘magic’ or ‘dreams’, maybe you like different genre (its a total advantage). Fantasy or magic is something that girls love the most…..that someday some would come and make their dream comes true or they are free bird who can do anything or everything…….true but for how long. At first strategy… will be forever waiting for that asshole just to be there in your arms for 2 minutes (fuckboi alert) or not… second you will think that you are an badass and nothing can stop me……baby come to the ground baby! Life does not revolves around your so called fantasies,
   I am also a victim of it tbh…..I have a fantasy that like lucifer (he is hot) I wanna like to have sex in this form or shape whatever..but when sex happens neither it was in that concept nor do I get the time to enjoy it! (Poor me) As said earlier, sex is just sex period……love making doesnt exist.

       How does fantasy deep rooted in our brain?
Speaking of books few has time to actually read others just movies or illusions of their own heads. Brain the most complex structure we have ever known, that brain is use to control every body parts……we should use those instead of being in a fantasy world. Mostly, it comes from so called stupid friends,,,,, whose target is to destroy their own life as well as yours in long term. We should accept things as they are,,, if rejection happens, bear it and move on.
If you dont think that things around you is not right,,,, speak and move on.
If you think these is your defintion of ‘happiness’….live it and move on.
If you had a bad past…..very bad,,,, leave it where it is….move on.
If you think you are not enough…..fuck it!

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation will fuck your mind in long term. Just do whatever the fuck you want to…..doesnt work out….learn something new and again work. Move your lazy ass.

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Sense of humor- Things to avoid


Sense of Humor - Things to avoid

Difference between an good and dry sense of humor is 'the ability to be you'.
I know its freaking hard to be yourself and have good sense of this generation. Humor is good for our brain and body health, and making ourselves good in many situations and sometimes its okay to messed up, this will suddenly provides you with an ability to laugh at yourself. But there is so many things we need to avoid while cracking jokes!

1. First one will be making fun of others, no matter how good or bad someone look the making fun of them is a no no trait for good freaking humor. If the hatred is going on, stay away from them to avoid guilt and aggression.
2.Avoid Trolling, this is the huge factor as the trend increases the trolling increases, think like that you are with people discussing something and suddenly two people start lightly teasing you and it is okay, then it increases in a huge trolling, how would it feel! Worse
Try to avoid trolling others and being a victim of it, speak! Okay, why i am giving motivational speech lol lets continue
There is thin line between teasing and trolling
And every good sense of humor people know how not to cross it.
3. Avoid discussing about politics, religions and sexual topics. Its a big no no
4.Not checking in with yourself, the matter of fact is sometimes we tend to forget that we are crossing our limits or maybe jokes are falling flat, so make sure to check, pause, breath and start again.
5. Prepare alittle bit before, not much as jokes would come naturally within you so alittle bit to avoid being a foolish or running out of jokes.
6. Avoid agression in your jokes, as anger will not suppose to give that orginailty whatsover.
7. Last point is Patience is a key and learn to laugh on other jokes as well.

Humor is an art, and it should go that way, the more we engage with it the better we feel and make others as well.
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Whats the difference between an average person and a strong person,
      ‘The ability to express gratitude in every situation’.

Ahh…. sometimes i forgot what to write. Let me think once.
Gratitude is expressing emotions towards certain  experience and person in our life. Its a very powerfull tool and it doesnt matter if we express it correctly or not, you do that matters.
It can be used such as to uplift ourselves, praise, feeling happy and feeling sad.

It can be so intense that you start to see life even in lifeless events and person, and that realizes us with a fact that we have everything, despite how we look and what we go through, as we are more than that.

The best example of gratitude would be the disney movie ‘Soul’. Once upon a time, two souls meet at unknown place and both were finding a purpose to live their life and got stuck together. Form their onwards the drama starts and it ends with a finest detail that both are negalcting, the life is beautiful because of small experiences and lessons it has hidden for both of them. They find peace and go on living. The end

  The sad reality is expressing gratitude means we have to belive in god and there is no such thing as god. Maybe you are right but there is such thing as life. That left us with wanting more and more, to satisfy us and at the end we left dis-stastifed even more. Living life with our own terms and expressing gratitude each time is one of the beautiful experiences, i have ever know. Let me think, there are more to experience than before….hmm hmm.

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Sense of humor- An art

Generally from writing to publishing or even accounts, the key is to have a great or atleast good sense of humor.

Reasons for having good sense of humor:
- Makes your environment light (work pressure or crisis)
- Makes Sex great
- Provides an ability to laugh at ourselves, this is in turn made us less reactive towards every small thing that is happening around us.
- Confidence
- Helps in coping up with illness and even stress.
- Postivity

'As laughing is the best medicine'.

How to have a good sense of humor,

Laugh at yourself, that doesnt make you a less of human being ,generally means it is who you are. Mistakes are part of life, learn to laugh at your own mistakes
This brings me to next point, practice as much as you can as success wont happen overnight.
Accept failure sometimes as you begin to procced on maybe your jokes fall flat or maybe it worked (yess,finally).
So accept it.
Little bit of dirty jokes wont hurt anyone;)
Try new adventures do something creative.
And last but not the least, be yourself!

Go ahead and try it, as you move forword it comes naturally within you.