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Love – A tragedy


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful girl and a handsome boy, their eyes met and chasing starts by a boy and finally he found his everlasting love and they got married.......Is this a reality?, I dont think so
Okie lets try one more time, Once upon a time boy meets a girl, and both liked each other but girl starts to obses over him, chasing starts and as we know boys dont like to be chased, they are the one who chooses that one special girl over everyone. But the hot and cold behaviour continues....oh no now story ends with he was a bastard who brokes her heart! The end

Thats the two version of love we believe from very ancient times, the only thing that was true is the feeling of love either felt by one or both, other than that everything is entirely baseless how?
/ There is no way first sight love happens, as we meet with tons of people throughout the day,
/ Happy ending rarely exist, until we are also prepared to dive into relation and make it into reality.
/ It requires time and effort to bloom the love into forever.
/ We love the idea of chase and happy ending, more than a journey itself!
Wake up from a sleep and know that true love exist, either in a form of temporary feelings or long lasting effort done by both partners.

As a saying goes by, 'Everything happens for a reason either its a blessing or a lesson'.

If you find yourself that you dont know how to love or being cheated on, guess what its not the right time for you, let it go! Thats way you give yourself the oppournity to love yourself more, those broken parts who are asking for love from another person, just give your love, the desire and your smile. That would be enough

What is love?
Love is a feeling in our heart which grows with time, if we keep feeding it together to make it last. Its warm touch, crazy butterfly inside, anxiety at the starting and familarity as we go on! Right confidence to carry out ourseleves and if the another one falls, to carry them in our arms and say 'fuck you, I am here'. Experssing love daily or suddenly and feeling gratitude in our heart, that this person is mine. (I am crying, I didnt knew this, I know its not the right time for me) I always express my gratitude towards Jim kwik (my teacher) and thats why my love for him is still alive in my heart and I guess it will.... forever.

Owning confidence to say no and yes when needed, is the way to find and keep love forever, if it happens.
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Vulnerability, is an strong emotion and desire we all poses. Vulnerable state tells alot about the person, if he or she chooses to show to the world or keep it hidden has it will make them weak or despo (desperate). Either way they are right,

We show vulnerability at various stages of life with or without consiousness:
      -When someone special left us
      -When we are finiacially broke
      -When we have a got to become a mother or father.
      -The Happiness state
      -When we have sex
       -Special occasions
       -Being in a trauma
       – Or little moments of our lives

The desire to keep it hidden is far worse than letting it out and be at a moment. We never know as we express it fully and being vulnerable, it will make you a stronger person and it shows that you are a human being.
          As sometimes it happens that we are so hopeless and feels like its not the right time to be vulnerable because of what we are going through and what the others might think, guess what thats when you should show your side and feel light, it is just a matter of time. You will never be the same again and those around you as well.
      My desire was to I should let it out because it feels so worse to keep it hidden but I just cant. The little voice tells me to say it, say it and let it out with tears, I might never be the same again.

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Rejection hurts alot, specially someone else rejected us. It hurts to the core and gave us so many questions like

/ Where I am wrong?
/Where I was wrong?
/ Why this has happened to me?

Rejection can be of many forms such as ghosting, ignoring, love bombing, etc. All has the same effect on our brain and specially heart. Why people does that,? Common. But the main question arises what if we reject someone, it just break our heart in million pieces and left us with more questions than ever before.

Seems like I am just having questions and more questions than answers of each. Sometimes its really hard to divert our mind from it specially if that person was close to the heart.
    One quote of Jim kwik, goes like ‘Rejection is god’s protection’. And I agree 100%  even if it takes time to understand why the actual fuck it happened at first place that also brings me a point that we reject someone not because we are rejected in past but it is necessary for us and also them. Feeling aplogitic for it is really common, but saying sorry is our choice as

Nicole lapin, an american go to finance expert once said, saying sorry means you are putting weeknesses on how you present yourself to the world. Be yourself!

Eventhough after that you still chase the person or still recalling and feeling numb for a while…. its okay to surrender oureselves to the situation as some situations are not in our control. So lets focus on what we can control.