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7 types of Sins- A Guilt


Its a really hot, and bad weather where i live and suddenly scrolling through insta i saw a video on sins its so remarkable to learn something like that……its an female charcter who is dressed up according to different types of sins while singing jazz. Sins never looks so hot…. So i thought i should also try writing about it and here is my outlook on it.
1. Lust
Lust is a strong passion or longing for sexual desires. Thinking about lust day and night is consider as sins……and also not healthy for relationship you are in.
2. Gluttony
Gluttony is an excessive and ongoing eating of food or drink……its like stress healers or a result of stress you are in. The more we engage in the more we lost ourselves.
3. Greed
Greed the word said it itself…..greed is so passi ate that it can destroy everything.

“The faith in yourself is lot bigger than anything”.

4. Sloth
Slot is a laziness to actually engage in work that benefits you,or thinking that it is waste of time because everything takes time
5. Wrath
Wrath is hatred towards another person….its like a poison to our head when in reality they dont even know or care.
6. Envy- Huh long definitions= boredom……let me give you an example if your friend has something you dont have and you take it… its yours according to you thats envy. Hm its pretty dangerous.
7. Pride- I dont think it should be a sin but we all know too much of everything is bad……and plus pride also encourges to avoid addressing others feelings and viewpoints….hm now making sense

These are the list of sins we all are guilty of but its okay self awareness is a key.. and its a life!

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Stress 2.0


This is the part2 of stress management techniques………….this will bring more peace. Stress is something which we deal on a regular basics as About one-third of people around the world reported feeling stressed, worried, and/or angry in 2019 (Gallup).
Approximately 284 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder.
These is the issue that needs to tackle to live a good and prosper life.

Some good solutions:
1. Mediation- One of the best solutions is to invlove in mediation practice……it will help you to process your thoughts, improves your focus.
2. Have a good bath- Have a bath, it will help your body to feel relax and hydrated.
3. Counselling- If something is bothering you like chronic diease,,,,,talk to a counseller, treat him or her as a friend, let it out
4. Healing practices- Healing will remove inner negativity and toxics,,,just like filter helps to clean the water toxiants.
5. Continous process-
People often think that they are feeling happy and fullfilled they dont need to follow any routines specially regarding stress……but know the fact it is a continous process or cycle to harmony.

Its better to take medications, fall into bad habits of taking alcohol, etc. It helps you to be alive! Thankyou

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I left

I left……..I left good things, i left exploring new things, i left creating art by my hands….and then saying why I am not feeling good enough? The only reason is if I left everything……i wont be learning anything. I wont be struggling, getting pain and pain and rising over it. I dont know the real failure, doubts, feedbacks, successes. No matter why I am feeling lonely.

There is good old talking, you dont have motivation to do something….you create motivation and i guess that hits me hard everytime i stops.