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Types of Toxic Peoples


Toxic personalities, dual personalities, mask on, fake peoples or etc etc name. You will say it seems like every person, not every trust me who knows how to handle themseleves or others, is a person we can trust! Others, please stay away.

             Types of Toxic People:
Offline version

1. Rapist: This kind of people are good at nothing, as they have sexual agenda, low self confidence and manipulators. Why I named it like this? Because they deserve this name.
2. Emotional suckers or vampires: This type of people know when to cry to gain attention and laugh when they are alone, beacuse they have acheived something. Or just cant tolerate others.
3. Egoistic: These are the ones who create drama and never feel guilty because they are always right.
4. Ladies/gentelman:  They dress up modernly and they dont have time to talk to us.
5. Agenda motives: As a name suggest, they need something.
6. Attention seekers: They never look for real friends or something, they only want so called attention
7. All in one: they posses two or more qualities to go with…….they need hope

Online Version:
1. Ghosting: The act of slowly cutting ties with a person without blocking…..aka ignorance and then blaming that you were wrong.
2. Trolling: They will troll to suck your energy out, as they dont have anything to do in their life.
3. Online Rapist
4. The dual facade as we cant see who they are in real life.
5.The one who always comments, my mother is dying, give her the support
6. Sexual Manipulators 7. Watches netflix only

The list goes on and on,,,,,,,, I have to research less about ‘toxicity’ and more about ‘Self-care’! Sigh

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Beauty Regime


Beauty Regime.

What makes a person beautiful? The way they walk -their eyes -smile -how they treat others -hair ecetra -anything.

But the real beauty comes from how we treat ourselves when we are alone, with ourselves,, anaylising each thought and laughing.


Slowly with time when we become stronger and mature, we tend to focus more on our inner beauty and outer beauty because we know its key to everything. I was thinking why not we have an beauty regime for ourseleves at home, exploring new ways to satisfy;) Inner beauty— / Analyising Each thought / Giving ourselves the time to heal / Yoga / Checking up

Outer beauty— which takes alot of time / Skin care / Lip care / Hair care / Removal of extra hairs / Underarms / Nails / Private area and much more.

If we cover both areas from time to time, we dont have to worry about these things / When some surprise come / When we have to go urgently somewhere / Getting into depression / Lack of money / Lacking of confidence

Its just depend on time and effort, yeah money too!

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Be a Real foodie!


The diet is really essential part of our lives and most neglacted ones as well.

From the generations, we eat what they feed us and then slowly choosing only two or three things as our favourite ones. Then as time adopting to latest trends or junk foods and as a name alot of junk is present in our body. We neither got a time nor energy to think about it.
Diet is whole lot important and we realise it when we do excercise's and body is craving for not choclate cake but for right nutrients. Dont get me wrong we cant just suddenly change our diets and be happy! No it takes time.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you eat something new and felt like a home? (means everything was in place with the food) me, not.
Or when was the last time you combine healthy foods on your daily diet?

Diet Plan
I need to answer those questions honestly that it is 100% 'no'. So in order to make a diet plan first we have to ask questions.
- What is my current diet?
- What can I add and delete?
- How can i change it?
- Money and personal perferences and how do we know?

School didnt teach us that , so thats why generally we become messy with our diets and also in reality.
- What is my current diet?
That is the simpleset question we can start with like reflecting on how we are eating and when, what we eat when we crave for junk etc
As asking questions is always important.
Refelecting back actually allows us to see and cringe (yeah, alot)

What can i add and delete?
This is the major one, as one thing we need to add and one thing we need to delete.

How can i change it?
S3= Small simple steps, slowly!

Money and personal preferences,
We we plan it according to money we got two things first the diet plan and secondly, how to handle money even in one area.
Adding a personal touch in shopping or cooking, actually helps to spark motivation.

Have fun with experimenting!
I have gone so serious because i am tired but thats not my style of writing, something new. I like it!