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7 types of Sins- A Guilt


Its a really hot, and bad weather where i live and suddenly scrolling through insta i saw a video on sins its so remarkable to learn something like that……its an female charcter who is dressed up according to different types of sins while singing jazz. Sins never looks so hot…. So i thought i should also try writing about it and here is my outlook on it.
1. Lust
Lust is a strong passion or longing for sexual desires. Thinking about lust day and night is consider as sins……and also not healthy for relationship you are in.
2. Gluttony
Gluttony is an excessive and ongoing eating of food or drink……its like stress healers or a result of stress you are in. The more we engage in the more we lost ourselves.
3. Greed
Greed the word said it itself…..greed is so passi ate that it can destroy everything.

“The faith in yourself is lot bigger than anything”.

4. Sloth
Slot is a laziness to actually engage in work that benefits you,or thinking that it is waste of time because everything takes time
5. Wrath
Wrath is hatred towards another person….its like a poison to our head when in reality they dont even know or care.
6. Envy- Huh long definitions= boredom……let me give you an example if your friend has something you dont have and you take it… its yours according to you thats envy. Hm its pretty dangerous.
7. Pride- I dont think it should be a sin but we all know too much of everything is bad……and plus pride also encourges to avoid addressing others feelings and viewpoints….hm now making sense

These are the list of sins we all are guilty of but its okay self awareness is a key.. and its a life!

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Expressing Gratitude for- 2022

I was down for so long….and cant think of any positvity whatsoever. I thought what if I express gratitude through blog with some of the cute silly things I did or achieve….
30 things I am greatfull for (or trying to)
1. Heightened senses or Self- awarness.
2. Able to express various emotions such as fear and lonileness.
3. Being able to eat healthy and do cardio or yoga at my own pace.
4. Able to ask for help.
5. Good body & posture.
6. Increased stamina and flexibilty of body even for shorter period of time.
7. Completed 20+ followers on my page…
8. Smiling through pain.
9. Done advance asans.
10. Able to love but not recive .
11. How to compliment others.
12. Self-care or adopting Skin care.
13. Reading books.
14. Helping others.
15. Reflecting towards my shadow self.
16. Learning new things.
17. Have a goal or vision.
18. Trying to aploize myself
19. Loving the idea of “Indoor plants”.
20. Acting like a child in order to heal, or learn.
21. Crying.
22. Listening to songs
23. Listening to hearbeat…wow
24. Finding my puppy is no longer a small puppy, he grows up.
25. Establishing healthy boundries.
26. Focusing on vision.
27. Having faith.
28. No longer need someone to love me.
29. Painting my nails.
30. I am alive.

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Loneliness does Exist


It does exist when you dont know how you can be yourself anymore? Sometimes I am scared to walk through that door which scares me the most…..the idea, origin, process, application etc is known to me……why does it is stopping me from being who I am?

I took a step towards it, touch the handle and again go back because I can’t, I am scared! What if I wont be enough? What if I will be in a dark place forever? Even though the fact is that I survived everything that was killing me once and I can survive more….but fear of success and unknown is driving me wild. What if it is a failure? Still a lesson?

I have everything, thats the reason i am holding back because deep down I have a belief that i own everything, do I need something more? I still went towards that door and took a deep breath, now more closer than before and still cant do it. I am tired of little by little, or small steps,,,,,if I am ready that long jump wont be a trouble. Ghosts in the inside are more scarier than the ghost outside!


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Cooking- A messy Art


What’s the best thing to learn that can be useful for a long run?
Its depend on you but I mean comeon, the best thing is always cooking……..everyone or maybe most of them desires to be a chef, once in their entire life. As growing up either at home or hostel or anywhere, the first thing parents even society pressurize us is to learn basic cooking for our survival. Now thats exterme, cooking can be really diverse and adventorous, flavourful how we only got skills for basic food with zero flavours?
I cant as I tried to be a lazy chef but to be honest it wouldnt work it in a long run for me, how?
       – Laziness wont give me desirable results.
       – I dont know flavours that work with dishes.
       – The proper prepration, cooking time, picking up fresh leaves to sprinkle in the top, either to add turmeric or completely skip it, to sweeten it up or to make it salty, should I go for it or not ectera.
        – The health benefits of the ingredients,
        – Baking, Bowling, making milkshakes and smoothies.
        – The smell, texture,color, creamy smooth, crunchy!

I guess, all this is suppossed to be missing in a good and healthy dish. Even though more we cook the more we learn is basically a useless joke because we are gonna just do the same exact thing but with a style;) No improvement

Cooking is an art just like other activites if it is done in the right way can be really useful for our overall development, sure some dont like to cook or lazy enough but knowing the basics can be helpful…….its not just a skill its an lifeskill.
The best way to master it is by “Group study and books.”
Yes, you heard it right, the books have all the knoweledge that is required or needed at a time and learning with others, knowing their style and not so faviourte tips is how one can learn…better than just copy & paste what a Youtube videos are showing;)

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Why I became a Blogger?


Why I start writing Blogs?

Once upon a time I was siting and suddenly got an Idea that I should start writing blogs. What should I write? Anything. Nah. …. all bullshit

I started writing the day I had my first counselling over text and she suggest me keeping a diary or so and write your thoughts on it, I never realised it was so effective for my mental health and overall development until I started listening to

Jim Kwik’s book ‘Limitless- Upgrade your brain, learn anything faster and unlock your expectional life’.

It was so amazing that turn my world upside down and it encourages me to took down notes so that I can remeber it later or revise it. I was writing examples and my mum was shouting, I was like,’I cant tolerate this while writing’ and I was about to shout but suddenly my inner voice said no, she is also tired!
I was like, who the fuck are you, as I usually do what i prefer to do without even thinking and regret it later… you made me realize that I am wrong.
    Thats where the transformation starts to begin, I was waiting for these moment the entire life.
With weird writing, extreme grammer and no table or chair, I begin to write as much; begin to read as much as I can, day after day night after night.

The saying goes by; ‘ Inspiration strikes when we least expect it’.

Without wasting my further time, I write a letter or so for myself, my crush, even to the Government regarding Sex education…..ahhhh
Not knowing that writing is so powerful than anything else in the world, Why?

1. It has feelings of our own little heart.
2. It has words that can transform you as well as others.
3. It can be funny, sad, happy, weird or anything.
4. It has not so perfect grammer or maybe perfect.
5. It has you.

As another saying goes by,’the pen is mighter than the sword’.
I may or may not be a perfect writer or blogger, but I love to write, even though sometimes I refuses to do so but that little voice tell me to try again once more! I have no rights to say no to that voice;)