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Never have I ever


Never have i ever, some people would like I wish i could do that and the reply will always be the same..never, Its not possible for me. Why? Because you are shithest person alive on the planet (well, yes you are).
Why to regret when you have so much potenial in your hands, in your mind and heart, what else do you need?

Most people are afraid of that they make fool of themselves when they try something new for the first time or they tried so hard not to look like fool or just an overacheiver, calm down baby,,,,,,, it happens. Who are the fastest learner? Childerns. Learn like them
You will get resourcefull with the art you are learning and creating……….and at last it is what it is.

“Squid game” one of the finiest series i have watched, in one game they were so afraid of dying because each one of thinks they are weekest because of girls and one old man on team. The old man came up with a strategy and they look like a fool but end up winning with proud, so who wins ? One who blindly goes into the game or one who is creative, and mastermind? Second no doubt.
Try your poteinal, you never know what you will get…….but learn to save time for yourself, family and your job or business,,,,,,,,thats the winning strategy.

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Purpose- Driven


Life is full of surprises as well as nothing sometimes…… the right kind of life is lead only when we have ‘purpose’, the sense of obligation, the need and desire. When we lack purpose in our life, it feels empty and worthless. I am guilty too of not following my heart to actually see what I can explore and become, but i cant go back in past and change it.
    Purpose then it leads to passion to follow and the hardwork and luck leads to the destiny…….opps not to mention more destines.
    Finding purpose all of a sudden is not in our hands, it is unexpected. The more I stare towards blank wall to elaborate about my purpose, the more I look stupid! Opps, not anymore. Passion, the things we feel passinate about and drives us crazy while doing it is termed as passion (yes, i am getting better at this). Likewise, I went on a lunch today as I was rejected by friends just for meetup, so instead of waiting for someone to make me feel happy or anything, I went alone. Omg i enjoyed alot, whole meal just for me…….so purpose was treating myself and passion was what and where to eat. My mind is also getting better in this…..omg yes.
The feeling in our heart that we have something to acheive is worth trying or doing, lets face it!
My new goal will be to make my life more interesting……..yessses

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Cooking- A messy Art


What’s the best thing to learn that can be useful for a long run?
Its depend on you but I mean comeon, the best thing is always cooking……..everyone or maybe most of them desires to be a chef, once in their entire life. As growing up either at home or hostel or anywhere, the first thing parents even society pressurize us is to learn basic cooking for our survival. Now thats exterme, cooking can be really diverse and adventorous, flavourful how we only got skills for basic food with zero flavours?
I cant as I tried to be a lazy chef but to be honest it wouldnt work it in a long run for me, how?
       – Laziness wont give me desirable results.
       – I dont know flavours that work with dishes.
       – The proper prepration, cooking time, picking up fresh leaves to sprinkle in the top, either to add turmeric or completely skip it, to sweeten it up or to make it salty, should I go for it or not ectera.
        – The health benefits of the ingredients,
        – Baking, Bowling, making milkshakes and smoothies.
        – The smell, texture,color, creamy smooth, crunchy!

I guess, all this is suppossed to be missing in a good and healthy dish. Even though more we cook the more we learn is basically a useless joke because we are gonna just do the same exact thing but with a style;) No improvement

Cooking is an art just like other activites if it is done in the right way can be really useful for our overall development, sure some dont like to cook or lazy enough but knowing the basics can be helpful…….its not just a skill its an lifeskill.
The best way to master it is by “Group study and books.”
Yes, you heard it right, the books have all the knoweledge that is required or needed at a time and learning with others, knowing their style and not so faviourte tips is how one can learn…better than just copy & paste what a Youtube videos are showing;)