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Averege V/S Outstanding

There are millions of people all around us but only one or two percent seems like they are special, they have something which others lack, its there outstanding personality that seprate them from average…… what is the key differation between average and outstanding. Here are some:

√ Average people lies and hide behind mask whereas outstanding persona knows how to be themselves.

√ Average people make their lives worse with poor lifestyle whereas the outstanding people have such a good lifestyle,,,,,,it is remarkable.

√ Average people dont care about anything and anyone expect themselves whereas well i dont have to say about outstanding ones……they are selfless.

√ Average people gossip and keep an keen eye on peoples…….but outstanding personality keeps an eye on ideas and growth.

Last but not the least…….they read alot, yes average personality (I am talking about porn magzines, blogs etc😆) but outstanding does it too but they are not addicted. Thats how outstanding knows how to live their life with its fullest and also they work.

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Never have I ever


Never have i ever, some people would like I wish i could do that and the reply will always be the same..never, Its not possible for me. Why? Because you are shithest person alive on the planet (well, yes you are).
Why to regret when you have so much potenial in your hands, in your mind and heart, what else do you need?

Most people are afraid of that they make fool of themselves when they try something new for the first time or they tried so hard not to look like fool or just an overacheiver, calm down baby,,,,,,, it happens. Who are the fastest learner? Childerns. Learn like them
You will get resourcefull with the art you are learning and creating……….and at last it is what it is.

“Squid game” one of the finiest series i have watched, in one game they were so afraid of dying because each one of thinks they are weekest because of girls and one old man on team. The old man came up with a strategy and they look like a fool but end up winning with proud, so who wins ? One who blindly goes into the game or one who is creative, and mastermind? Second no doubt.
Try your poteinal, you never know what you will get…….but learn to save time for yourself, family and your job or business,,,,,,,,thats the winning strategy.

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Beauty Regime


Beauty Regime.

What makes a person beautiful? The way they walk -their eyes -smile -how they treat others -hair ecetra -anything.

But the real beauty comes from how we treat ourselves when we are alone, with ourselves,, anaylising each thought and laughing.


Slowly with time when we become stronger and mature, we tend to focus more on our inner beauty and outer beauty because we know its key to everything. I was thinking why not we have an beauty regime for ourseleves at home, exploring new ways to satisfy;) Inner beauty— / Analyising Each thought / Giving ourselves the time to heal / Yoga / Checking up

Outer beauty— which takes alot of time / Skin care / Lip care / Hair care / Removal of extra hairs / Underarms / Nails / Private area and much more.

If we cover both areas from time to time, we dont have to worry about these things / When some surprise come / When we have to go urgently somewhere / Getting into depression / Lack of money / Lacking of confidence

Its just depend on time and effort, yeah money too!

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Rejection hurts alot, specially someone else rejected us. It hurts to the core and gave us so many questions like

/ Where I am wrong?
/Where I was wrong?
/ Why this has happened to me?

Rejection can be of many forms such as ghosting, ignoring, love bombing, etc. All has the same effect on our brain and specially heart. Why people does that,? Common. But the main question arises what if we reject someone, it just break our heart in million pieces and left us with more questions than ever before.

Seems like I am just having questions and more questions than answers of each. Sometimes its really hard to divert our mind from it specially if that person was close to the heart.
    One quote of Jim kwik, goes like ‘Rejection is god’s protection’. And I agree 100%  even if it takes time to understand why the actual fuck it happened at first place that also brings me a point that we reject someone not because we are rejected in past but it is necessary for us and also them. Feeling aplogitic for it is really common, but saying sorry is our choice as

Nicole lapin, an american go to finance expert once said, saying sorry means you are putting weeknesses on how you present yourself to the world. Be yourself!

Eventhough after that you still chase the person or still recalling and feeling numb for a while…. its okay to surrender oureselves to the situation as some situations are not in our control. So lets focus on what we can control.

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Sense of humor- An art

Generally from writing to publishing or even accounts, the key is to have a great or atleast good sense of humor.

Reasons for having good sense of humor:
- Makes your environment light (work pressure or crisis)
- Makes Sex great
- Provides an ability to laugh at ourselves, this is in turn made us less reactive towards every small thing that is happening around us.
- Confidence
- Helps in coping up with illness and even stress.
- Postivity

'As laughing is the best medicine'.

How to have a good sense of humor,

Laugh at yourself, that doesnt make you a less of human being ,generally means it is who you are. Mistakes are part of life, learn to laugh at your own mistakes
This brings me to next point, practice as much as you can as success wont happen overnight.
Accept failure sometimes as you begin to procced on maybe your jokes fall flat or maybe it worked (yess,finally).
So accept it.
Little bit of dirty jokes wont hurt anyone;)
Try new adventures do something creative.
And last but not the least, be yourself!

Go ahead and try it, as you move forword it comes naturally within you.