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Whats the difference between an average person and a strong person,
      ‘The ability to express gratitude in every situation’.

Ahh…. sometimes i forgot what to write. Let me think once.
Gratitude is expressing emotions towards certain  experience and person in our life. Its a very powerfull tool and it doesnt matter if we express it correctly or not, you do that matters.
It can be used such as to uplift ourselves, praise, feeling happy and feeling sad.

It can be so intense that you start to see life even in lifeless events and person, and that realizes us with a fact that we have everything, despite how we look and what we go through, as we are more than that.

The best example of gratitude would be the disney movie ‘Soul’. Once upon a time, two souls meet at unknown place and both were finding a purpose to live their life and got stuck together. Form their onwards the drama starts and it ends with a finest detail that both are negalcting, the life is beautiful because of small experiences and lessons it has hidden for both of them. They find peace and go on living. The end

  The sad reality is expressing gratitude means we have to belive in god and there is no such thing as god. Maybe you are right but there is such thing as life. That left us with wanting more and more, to satisfy us and at the end we left dis-stastifed even more. Living life with our own terms and expressing gratitude each time is one of the beautiful experiences, i have ever know. Let me think, there are more to experience than before….hmm hmm.

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Be a Real foodie!


The diet is really essential part of our lives and most neglacted ones as well.

From the generations, we eat what they feed us and then slowly choosing only two or three things as our favourite ones. Then as time adopting to latest trends or junk foods and as a name alot of junk is present in our body. We neither got a time nor energy to think about it.
Diet is whole lot important and we realise it when we do excercise's and body is craving for not choclate cake but for right nutrients. Dont get me wrong we cant just suddenly change our diets and be happy! No it takes time.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you eat something new and felt like a home? (means everything was in place with the food) me, not.
Or when was the last time you combine healthy foods on your daily diet?

Diet Plan
I need to answer those questions honestly that it is 100% 'no'. So in order to make a diet plan first we have to ask questions.
- What is my current diet?
- What can I add and delete?
- How can i change it?
- Money and personal perferences and how do we know?

School didnt teach us that , so thats why generally we become messy with our diets and also in reality.
- What is my current diet?
That is the simpleset question we can start with like reflecting on how we are eating and when, what we eat when we crave for junk etc
As asking questions is always important.
Refelecting back actually allows us to see and cringe (yeah, alot)

What can i add and delete?
This is the major one, as one thing we need to add and one thing we need to delete.

How can i change it?
S3= Small simple steps, slowly!

Money and personal preferences,
We we plan it according to money we got two things first the diet plan and secondly, how to handle money even in one area.
Adding a personal touch in shopping or cooking, actually helps to spark motivation.

Have fun with experimenting!
I have gone so serious because i am tired but thats not my style of writing, something new. I like it!
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Rejection hurts alot, specially someone else rejected us. It hurts to the core and gave us so many questions like

/ Where I am wrong?
/Where I was wrong?
/ Why this has happened to me?

Rejection can be of many forms such as ghosting, ignoring, love bombing, etc. All has the same effect on our brain and specially heart. Why people does that,? Common. But the main question arises what if we reject someone, it just break our heart in million pieces and left us with more questions than ever before.

Seems like I am just having questions and more questions than answers of each. Sometimes its really hard to divert our mind from it specially if that person was close to the heart.
    One quote of Jim kwik, goes like ‘Rejection is god’s protection’. And I agree 100%  even if it takes time to understand why the actual fuck it happened at first place that also brings me a point that we reject someone not because we are rejected in past but it is necessary for us and also them. Feeling aplogitic for it is really common, but saying sorry is our choice as

Nicole lapin, an american go to finance expert once said, saying sorry means you are putting weeknesses on how you present yourself to the world. Be yourself!

Eventhough after that you still chase the person or still recalling and feeling numb for a while…. its okay to surrender oureselves to the situation as some situations are not in our control. So lets focus on what we can control.

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Sense of humor- An art

Generally from writing to publishing or even accounts, the key is to have a great or atleast good sense of humor.

Reasons for having good sense of humor:
- Makes your environment light (work pressure or crisis)
- Makes Sex great
- Provides an ability to laugh at ourselves, this is in turn made us less reactive towards every small thing that is happening around us.
- Confidence
- Helps in coping up with illness and even stress.
- Postivity

'As laughing is the best medicine'.

How to have a good sense of humor,

Laugh at yourself, that doesnt make you a less of human being ,generally means it is who you are. Mistakes are part of life, learn to laugh at your own mistakes
This brings me to next point, practice as much as you can as success wont happen overnight.
Accept failure sometimes as you begin to procced on maybe your jokes fall flat or maybe it worked (yess,finally).
So accept it.
Little bit of dirty jokes wont hurt anyone;)
Try new adventures do something creative.
And last but not the least, be yourself!

Go ahead and try it, as you move forword it comes naturally within you.