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Averege V/S Outstanding

There are millions of people all around us but only one or two percent seems like they are special, they have something which others lack, its there outstanding personality that seprate them from average…… what is the key differation between average and outstanding. Here are some:

√ Average people lies and hide behind mask whereas outstanding persona knows how to be themselves.

√ Average people make their lives worse with poor lifestyle whereas the outstanding people have such a good lifestyle,,,,,,it is remarkable.

√ Average people dont care about anything and anyone expect themselves whereas well i dont have to say about outstanding ones……they are selfless.

√ Average people gossip and keep an keen eye on peoples…….but outstanding personality keeps an eye on ideas and growth.

Last but not the least…….they read alot, yes average personality (I am talking about porn magzines, blogs etc😆) but outstanding does it too but they are not addicted. Thats how outstanding knows how to live their life with its fullest and also they work.

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Selfless, Selfish, Selfless


Selfless, Selfish, Selfless! Its hard to decide which side to go…….I always wanted good for me growth, happiness,,,,,,,but i thought the only way to actually get is by being selfless removing the I, me term from my dictionary. Peace is within myself,’I am whom I wanted to be’ period, why I am getting self obessed? Why  I cant be selfless?

My mother always tell me that if you give to others, you will get more than what you gave, Now its making alot of sense this relasation gave me hope and courage, most importanly some questions
– One day, I will also be a mother, will I be selfish?
– I want to be a teacher, will i be partial towards my students?
– Because of a failure, Should i give up?

Now, I know where i am standing……….just where my ex is standing. A selfish, terrified, hopeless and broken girl. I wanna be Selfless and that makes me more of who I am and how a lady should be and behave. Selfless in simple terms means caring about others more than our own needs and I guess thats the best way to heal.

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Expectations V/s Reality

Nia Hao,

Expectations we had, we have regarding our life or our surroundings, is worth mentioning as expectations leads to more traumas, depression and lonelness………thing is that we already know it but due to peer presure, and need for belonging it is quit hard to go on with the reality……sadly we have to accept our reality and have to be a little happy in our own dreams of expectations.
    Lets talk about expectations in a meanwhile and how it can impact ourselves:
    The more I will be self-obsessed the more i can earn and be rich.
    ° Reality how a self obsessed person is, we all know;)
    If I can change the world, I will be happy
    ° Reality, its really hard to change a one person perspective how can you change the world. Express gratitude and then be happy.
    All guys or girls are assholes
    °Reality, You are lonely!
    Unsolicited advice are best, it gives me hope!
    ° Reality,. Try therepy its worth it;)
    I am smart, dumb, ugly
    ° Reality its just a phase sometimes we all are smart and sometimes we all are dumb!
    Etc etc……………………….The smart person only knows how to thrive and survive, other than that “low intelligent” people is all about gossiping and bitching behind your back!

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Sparkle fades- As reality strikes in


The more I look back, the more I laugh…I lived a life worth mentioning, dreams after dreams, motivation after motivation…..Alots of books on different topics, doing whatever the fuck I wanted and then giving myself a name ‘Special’. Lol

As I move on I realized that sometimes its okay to not do or know something… not read every book before writing, or asking for a bill from a waiter lol. Just doing whatever we wanted, is classified as we dont have anything logical going in our life., so brain as to do something. The more reality strikes the more we know, everything was just useless…. making memories, everything, at last the thing you have done a day before or doing today is visible in your eyes or bad past…nothing new or nothing good. Being special is divine, it holds so much power that we had to become a god lol no.

The type of things I heard during this phase:
– Belive in yourself
– Go with your heart
– Trust your gut
– learn to love yourself
– Be special
– Be at a moment
– Forgive
– Heal
– Love

Dont you think we already know this, it will matter only when we heard from others? Nahh
Ahh worth mentioning…..Fanatises. With the end of fantises and dramas, I am going to change my site settings and try to catch up with reality.

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Purpose- Driven


Life is full of surprises as well as nothing sometimes…… the right kind of life is lead only when we have ‘purpose’, the sense of obligation, the need and desire. When we lack purpose in our life, it feels empty and worthless. I am guilty too of not following my heart to actually see what I can explore and become, but i cant go back in past and change it.
    Purpose then it leads to passion to follow and the hardwork and luck leads to the destiny…….opps not to mention more destines.
    Finding purpose all of a sudden is not in our hands, it is unexpected. The more I stare towards blank wall to elaborate about my purpose, the more I look stupid! Opps, not anymore. Passion, the things we feel passinate about and drives us crazy while doing it is termed as passion (yes, i am getting better at this). Likewise, I went on a lunch today as I was rejected by friends just for meetup, so instead of waiting for someone to make me feel happy or anything, I went alone. Omg i enjoyed alot, whole meal just for me…….so purpose was treating myself and passion was what and where to eat. My mind is also getting better in this…..omg yes.
The feeling in our heart that we have something to acheive is worth trying or doing, lets face it!
My new goal will be to make my life more interesting……..yessses

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Sense of humor- Things to avoid


Sense of Humor - Things to avoid

Difference between an good and dry sense of humor is 'the ability to be you'.
I know its freaking hard to be yourself and have good sense of this generation. Humor is good for our brain and body health, and making ourselves good in many situations and sometimes its okay to messed up, this will suddenly provides you with an ability to laugh at yourself. But there is so many things we need to avoid while cracking jokes!

1. First one will be making fun of others, no matter how good or bad someone look the making fun of them is a no no trait for good freaking humor. If the hatred is going on, stay away from them to avoid guilt and aggression.
2.Avoid Trolling, this is the huge factor as the trend increases the trolling increases, think like that you are with people discussing something and suddenly two people start lightly teasing you and it is okay, then it increases in a huge trolling, how would it feel! Worse
Try to avoid trolling others and being a victim of it, speak! Okay, why i am giving motivational speech lol lets continue
There is thin line between teasing and trolling
And every good sense of humor people know how not to cross it.
3. Avoid discussing about politics, religions and sexual topics. Its a big no no
4.Not checking in with yourself, the matter of fact is sometimes we tend to forget that we are crossing our limits or maybe jokes are falling flat, so make sure to check, pause, breath and start again.
5. Prepare alittle bit before, not much as jokes would come naturally within you so alittle bit to avoid being a foolish or running out of jokes.
6. Avoid agression in your jokes, as anger will not suppose to give that orginailty whatsover.
7. Last point is Patience is a key and learn to laugh on other jokes as well.

Humor is an art, and it should go that way, the more we engage with it the better we feel and make others as well.
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Vulnerability, is an strong emotion and desire we all poses. Vulnerable state tells alot about the person, if he or she chooses to show to the world or keep it hidden has it will make them weak or despo (desperate). Either way they are right,

We show vulnerability at various stages of life with or without consiousness:
      -When someone special left us
      -When we are finiacially broke
      -When we have a got to become a mother or father.
      -The Happiness state
      -When we have sex
       -Special occasions
       -Being in a trauma
       – Or little moments of our lives

The desire to keep it hidden is far worse than letting it out and be at a moment. We never know as we express it fully and being vulnerable, it will make you a stronger person and it shows that you are a human being.
          As sometimes it happens that we are so hopeless and feels like its not the right time to be vulnerable because of what we are going through and what the others might think, guess what thats when you should show your side and feel light, it is just a matter of time. You will never be the same again and those around you as well.
      My desire was to I should let it out because it feels so worse to keep it hidden but I just cant. The little voice tells me to say it, say it and let it out with tears, I might never be the same again.