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Expectations V/s Reality

Nia Hao,

Expectations we had, we have regarding our life or our surroundings, is worth mentioning as expectations leads to more traumas, depression and lonelness………thing is that we already know it but due to peer presure, and need for belonging it is quit hard to go on with the reality……sadly we have to accept our reality and have to be a little happy in our own dreams of expectations.
    Lets talk about expectations in a meanwhile and how it can impact ourselves:
    The more I will be self-obsessed the more i can earn and be rich.
    ° Reality how a self obsessed person is, we all know;)
    If I can change the world, I will be happy
    ° Reality, its really hard to change a one person perspective how can you change the world. Express gratitude and then be happy.
    All guys or girls are assholes
    °Reality, You are lonely!
    Unsolicited advice are best, it gives me hope!
    ° Reality,. Try therepy its worth it;)
    I am smart, dumb, ugly
    ° Reality its just a phase sometimes we all are smart and sometimes we all are dumb!
    Etc etc……………………….The smart person only knows how to thrive and survive, other than that “low intelligent” people is all about gossiping and bitching behind your back!

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Meditation- An unknown battle



Meditation or yoga whatever name we might use, the effects will remain same. So, it doesnt matter. The real thing is it is a ‘Battle field’ trying to reach towards the highest level of consciousness
Meditation either done in nature or done in class makes you ‘limitless’. It starts and ends with a cycle or process, taking us on a journey, that has alot of surprises and turnovers as:
* No phone aka personal or business life.
* No noise (if it is morning).
* no eating,walking or making overselves busy.
* Trying not to overthink.
* And focusing on a _breathe_.

       Please inhale and exhale
A quick remainder, the person cannot switch their minds completely off, its impossible…….but with a practice its easier for anyone to bring back their attention where they left it. Why it is called a ‘Battle field’?
   The battle will begin the day of your excitement ‘yes, I am gonna be fit’ and ends when you can finally be at ease and comfort with process. The cycle continues.
   More we think about it, more we feel scary to take steps towards it but trust me….you will not remain same once you know yourself. Body ache, overanalyizing thoughts, frstrution, focus detantion all are signs that you are at the right path, there is no going back no matter what.
‘He is so lame’, ‘why me’, ‘What to do next’, oh shit i get blank during the process ‘I am so dumb’! Shit shit

The struggle

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The Indian heritage

The Indian Heritage


I want to be honest with this one, as i want to say this is the country everyone should explore once [but with a plan] as it is so diverse, flavourful, colourful and even more. As an indian, i know both good and bad parts of the country so i am not being a biased Asshole.

Starting with history…..who has time for that,lets skip it to the main part.

It is a known fact that india has diverse culture and people, how they present themseleves alittle differently from others not as a competetion but as they are which is a statement. They belive in culture and stick to it, eventhough it feels like old fashioned but it isnt. The person who can see stars while putting their feet in the ground are the best.

Food Festivals
Festivals and food, best comibination. I seriously dont have words for it, yeah but i can say festivals covers everything overall how?
Fasting good for body and mind
Holi for bhang and Colours
Deepwali and new year for fire crackers
Navaratri for Lenhnga choli and even more.

Here are those who are spiritual throughout their life or some turn into spiritual as they go on with their life. Spirituality used in a good sense can be enlightening and can feel at its core.

Last is huge support, here the main thing i like is the huge support i always get when i needed the most or just randomly.

Okay lets talk about bad sides of it as well,

I will be so honest with this….i hate it how india has really large population and even a lack of education. In this generation, people are getting a right education and people still are stuck in please god do something.

Black magic
Not to mention the concept of black magic and its believer, these are the people who take spirituality too seriously. Either people here believe it or not, there is no in between.

Old fashioned
People here are not progressing,
As Jim kwik, ‘There is no such thing as failure, only failure to learn’. And thats stops someone to progress in right direction even though they will degrade.

Again the india comes in the country, which is known by corruption and short cuts. Now think, there is no such thing as short cuts or is it?

There are lots of good things to mention too, but the huge one is yoga and its healing power it has. Try it someday. Now, i am tired talking bad about my country and also feeling bad… sigh