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Opponent V/S you

Shall we start with a quote,? Yeah

Our biggest enemy is the past version of us.

Enemy, evil, opponent, or anything is hardest to deal with if its our inner thoughts, feelings, ego or laziness… a few. They can be called as ‘Sins’! Easy to fall and harder to escape- Trap. The more you look into the eye of the enemy and say- No more…….you are at peace and growth baby! Now, enemy is increased its strength and power, its not you or inner you……….because:

1. You know yourself and you can face any obstacle that is stopping you from growing.2. You are at peace with yourself.3. Past is no longer holding you back.

So, now what? The enemy is outer world with new challenges, with extreme toxicity and ego,even though you try to escape it, ignore it, deal with it………..its still there and it will be there! But I know you can face that enemy with the same courage, with more understanding……….why? Because if a warrior can stand in front of the mirror and be proud of themselves..can do anything in these world. Be brave!

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Sparkle fades- As reality strikes in


The more I look back, the more I laugh…I lived a life worth mentioning, dreams after dreams, motivation after motivation…..Alots of books on different topics, doing whatever the fuck I wanted and then giving myself a name ‘Special’. Lol

As I move on I realized that sometimes its okay to not do or know something… not read every book before writing, or asking for a bill from a waiter lol. Just doing whatever we wanted, is classified as we dont have anything logical going in our life., so brain as to do something. The more reality strikes the more we know, everything was just useless…. making memories, everything, at last the thing you have done a day before or doing today is visible in your eyes or bad past…nothing new or nothing good. Being special is divine, it holds so much power that we had to become a god lol no.

The type of things I heard during this phase:
– Belive in yourself
– Go with your heart
– Trust your gut
– learn to love yourself
– Be special
– Be at a moment
– Forgive
– Heal
– Love

Dont you think we already know this, it will matter only when we heard from others? Nahh
Ahh worth mentioning…..Fanatises. With the end of fantises and dramas, I am going to change my site settings and try to catch up with reality.

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A desire to be NORMAL

Its been a while I have written a blog or so………my patience, desires just dies. I have everything…….but it is scattered around like pieces. I am so scared to go out of my comfort zone that i make a home out of it…..i never felt so lonely before. I want to live and open that door to see what it has for me…….little do I know it will ties together everything I have and Everything i will get in future. I am tired of stalling in present or returning back to the past where past rejects me already. Likely, the only hope is three things

-My family -My partner -Myself

I opened that door……and the hidden surprise was not belive in yourself or just be different…….or just be a writer or asshole. It was education…………to master skills in order to ties everything together. No more stalling or no more dreams or lack of it. I am not guilty of past because Thats who I was………….I am ready to dive in with enthusiasm.;-)

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Fantasy lover- A beautiful dream🤢


As a book lover, the first thing that cames in mind is ‘Fantasy’ or ‘magic’ or ‘dreams’, maybe you like different genre (its a total advantage). Fantasy or magic is something that girls love the most…..that someday some would come and make their dream comes true or they are free bird who can do anything or everything…….true but for how long. At first strategy… will be forever waiting for that asshole just to be there in your arms for 2 minutes (fuckboi alert) or not… second you will think that you are an badass and nothing can stop me……baby come to the ground baby! Life does not revolves around your so called fantasies,
   I am also a victim of it tbh…..I have a fantasy that like lucifer (he is hot) I wanna like to have sex in this form or shape whatever..but when sex happens neither it was in that concept nor do I get the time to enjoy it! (Poor me) As said earlier, sex is just sex period……love making doesnt exist.

       How does fantasy deep rooted in our brain?
Speaking of books few has time to actually read others just movies or illusions of their own heads. Brain the most complex structure we have ever known, that brain is use to control every body parts……we should use those instead of being in a fantasy world. Mostly, it comes from so called stupid friends,,,,, whose target is to destroy their own life as well as yours in long term. We should accept things as they are,,, if rejection happens, bear it and move on.
If you dont think that things around you is not right,,,, speak and move on.
If you think these is your defintion of ‘happiness’….live it and move on.
If you had a bad past…..very bad,,,, leave it where it is….move on.
If you think you are not enough…..fuck it!

Motivation, Motivation, Motivation will fuck your mind in long term. Just do whatever the fuck you want to…..doesnt work out….learn something new and again work. Move your lazy ass.