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Questions- Master the basics


If you want more comprehension, ask more questions! Comprehension aka means more understanding, more awaraness, more knoweldege. The more we ask questions, the better we can learn and the better we can grew….
    Ahh again motivational Speech, Should I turn into a motivational speaker? Nah
This rule starts to make sense when I ask even silly questions to everyone and like a child, i want answers to each (no google please) and it becomes even more clear when I saw childrens asking questions with curiosity of What it might be and listening to answers like they were about to open a bussiness the other day and become famous hehe
Their eyes told so much than anything in the world, so cute! I wish I can be a child again…
Feeding the brain in a right way is important as it will end our suffering and allow us to live, be clear!

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It is what it is

Recently gone on a function after a long time because of corona, and there I saw a guy and I smiled, he also smiled and it continues....but then i stopped and return home with no regret of having him in my arms.
I liked it that actually somebody smiled with an intensity, with a great eye contact, no fear of judgement but I wasnt ready; my inner voice told me no, its better to be alone rather than being with fake company or being in a relationship that only exist in our mind. I wasnt ready to love someone it doesnt means I cant love him. I wanted to give myself an oppournity to love me enough if it is just for a while. I am tired of choosing every guy thats in front of me and ending up in a pain of 'What if' or 'I wish'! This time the fear of losing myself in the process was much stronger than trying again.
It doesnt matter what had happened in the past or what new tomorrow can bring, it just matters that the present was actually decided by me at that time. I want to be me.
That also realizes me that i am made up of those whom i loved no matter what, that cracks in the heart makes me whole and stronger.
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The Indian heritage

The Indian Heritage


I want to be honest with this one, as i want to say this is the country everyone should explore once [but with a plan] as it is so diverse, flavourful, colourful and even more. As an indian, i know both good and bad parts of the country so i am not being a biased Asshole.

Starting with history…..who has time for that,lets skip it to the main part.

It is a known fact that india has diverse culture and people, how they present themseleves alittle differently from others not as a competetion but as they are which is a statement. They belive in culture and stick to it, eventhough it feels like old fashioned but it isnt. The person who can see stars while putting their feet in the ground are the best.

Food Festivals
Festivals and food, best comibination. I seriously dont have words for it, yeah but i can say festivals covers everything overall how?
Fasting good for body and mind
Holi for bhang and Colours
Deepwali and new year for fire crackers
Navaratri for Lenhnga choli and even more.

Here are those who are spiritual throughout their life or some turn into spiritual as they go on with their life. Spirituality used in a good sense can be enlightening and can feel at its core.

Last is huge support, here the main thing i like is the huge support i always get when i needed the most or just randomly.

Okay lets talk about bad sides of it as well,

I will be so honest with this….i hate it how india has really large population and even a lack of education. In this generation, people are getting a right education and people still are stuck in please god do something.

Black magic
Not to mention the concept of black magic and its believer, these are the people who take spirituality too seriously. Either people here believe it or not, there is no in between.

Old fashioned
People here are not progressing,
As Jim kwik, ‘There is no such thing as failure, only failure to learn’. And thats stops someone to progress in right direction even though they will degrade.

Again the india comes in the country, which is known by corruption and short cuts. Now think, there is no such thing as short cuts or is it?

There are lots of good things to mention too, but the huge one is yoga and its healing power it has. Try it someday. Now, i am tired talking bad about my country and also feeling bad… sigh

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Sense of humor- Things to avoid


Sense of Humor - Things to avoid

Difference between an good and dry sense of humor is 'the ability to be you'.
I know its freaking hard to be yourself and have good sense of this generation. Humor is good for our brain and body health, and making ourselves good in many situations and sometimes its okay to messed up, this will suddenly provides you with an ability to laugh at yourself. But there is so many things we need to avoid while cracking jokes!

1. First one will be making fun of others, no matter how good or bad someone look the making fun of them is a no no trait for good freaking humor. If the hatred is going on, stay away from them to avoid guilt and aggression.
2.Avoid Trolling, this is the huge factor as the trend increases the trolling increases, think like that you are with people discussing something and suddenly two people start lightly teasing you and it is okay, then it increases in a huge trolling, how would it feel! Worse
Try to avoid trolling others and being a victim of it, speak! Okay, why i am giving motivational speech lol lets continue
There is thin line between teasing and trolling
And every good sense of humor people know how not to cross it.
3. Avoid discussing about politics, religions and sexual topics. Its a big no no
4.Not checking in with yourself, the matter of fact is sometimes we tend to forget that we are crossing our limits or maybe jokes are falling flat, so make sure to check, pause, breath and start again.
5. Prepare alittle bit before, not much as jokes would come naturally within you so alittle bit to avoid being a foolish or running out of jokes.
6. Avoid agression in your jokes, as anger will not suppose to give that orginailty whatsover.
7. Last point is Patience is a key and learn to laugh on other jokes as well.

Humor is an art, and it should go that way, the more we engage with it the better we feel and make others as well.
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Vulnerability, is an strong emotion and desire we all poses. Vulnerable state tells alot about the person, if he or she chooses to show to the world or keep it hidden has it will make them weak or despo (desperate). Either way they are right,

We show vulnerability at various stages of life with or without consiousness:
      -When someone special left us
      -When we are finiacially broke
      -When we have a got to become a mother or father.
      -The Happiness state
      -When we have sex
       -Special occasions
       -Being in a trauma
       – Or little moments of our lives

The desire to keep it hidden is far worse than letting it out and be at a moment. We never know as we express it fully and being vulnerable, it will make you a stronger person and it shows that you are a human being.
          As sometimes it happens that we are so hopeless and feels like its not the right time to be vulnerable because of what we are going through and what the others might think, guess what thats when you should show your side and feel light, it is just a matter of time. You will never be the same again and those around you as well.
      My desire was to I should let it out because it feels so worse to keep it hidden but I just cant. The little voice tells me to say it, say it and let it out with tears, I might never be the same again.

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Whats the difference between an average person and a strong person,
      ‘The ability to express gratitude in every situation’.

Ahh…. sometimes i forgot what to write. Let me think once.
Gratitude is expressing emotions towards certain  experience and person in our life. Its a very powerfull tool and it doesnt matter if we express it correctly or not, you do that matters.
It can be used such as to uplift ourselves, praise, feeling happy and feeling sad.

It can be so intense that you start to see life even in lifeless events and person, and that realizes us with a fact that we have everything, despite how we look and what we go through, as we are more than that.

The best example of gratitude would be the disney movie ‘Soul’. Once upon a time, two souls meet at unknown place and both were finding a purpose to live their life and got stuck together. Form their onwards the drama starts and it ends with a finest detail that both are negalcting, the life is beautiful because of small experiences and lessons it has hidden for both of them. They find peace and go on living. The end

  The sad reality is expressing gratitude means we have to belive in god and there is no such thing as god. Maybe you are right but there is such thing as life. That left us with wanting more and more, to satisfy us and at the end we left dis-stastifed even more. Living life with our own terms and expressing gratitude each time is one of the beautiful experiences, i have ever know. Let me think, there are more to experience than before….hmm hmm.