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How to nail down the perfect dirty talk?


This topic is high on weed {according to me} but i have to address it…..I have seen many couples- they are cute, supportive but One thing that is missing from their lovey- dovey life is “dirty talk”. I have an example for it, I randomly came across a a shitty couple they were trying to initiate sex by playing some children games(i mean that can be fun but wtf) anyways i left the chat opps room. So from that experience I thought for a while there could be more creative ways to initiate sex or dirty talk, so here are some;

1. Have a good sense of humour: Unless you are an comedian this is hard for you but with practice you can be funny and this plays a huge role into a great sex drive and dirty talks.

2. Dont be offensive: This is tied with a first point dont be offensive or in short nerd. Dirty talk should be fun, light, adventorus or all together. And by the way the more you losse yourself in the situation, the best it can get!

3. Have protection: This sounds like a disclaimer but yeah comeon we should be self awared and know the fact that it is for love making or making your bonding strong with your partner, not about having a child!

4. Learn to initiate sex in fun ways

Learning is an art and you are an artist😂 so try to be more creative with dirty talks and say things that you love about them that can be romantic and dirty both at the same time!

This is it for today, and it is my observation on the topic, so it may or may not work for you! So thankyou and have fun.