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Selfless, Selfish, Selfless


Selfless, Selfish, Selfless! Its hard to decide which side to go…….I always wanted good for me growth, happiness,,,,,,,but i thought the only way to actually get is by being selfless removing the I, me term from my dictionary. Peace is within myself,’I am whom I wanted to be’ period, why I am getting self obessed? Why  I cant be selfless?

My mother always tell me that if you give to others, you will get more than what you gave, Now its making alot of sense this relasation gave me hope and courage, most importanly some questions
– One day, I will also be a mother, will I be selfish?
– I want to be a teacher, will i be partial towards my students?
– Because of a failure, Should i give up?

Now, I know where i am standing……….just where my ex is standing. A selfish, terrified, hopeless and broken girl. I wanna be Selfless and that makes me more of who I am and how a lady should be and behave. Selfless in simple terms means caring about others more than our own needs and I guess thats the best way to heal.

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A desire to be NORMAL

Its been a while I have written a blog or so………my patience, desires just dies. I have everything…….but it is scattered around like pieces. I am so scared to go out of my comfort zone that i make a home out of it…..i never felt so lonely before. I want to live and open that door to see what it has for me…….little do I know it will ties together everything I have and Everything i will get in future. I am tired of stalling in present or returning back to the past where past rejects me already. Likely, the only hope is three things

-My family -My partner -Myself

I opened that door……and the hidden surprise was not belive in yourself or just be different…….or just be a writer or asshole. It was education…………to master skills in order to ties everything together. No more stalling or no more dreams or lack of it. I am not guilty of past because Thats who I was………….I am ready to dive in with enthusiasm.;-)

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Beauty Regime


Beauty Regime.

What makes a person beautiful? The way they walk -their eyes -smile -how they treat others -hair ecetra -anything.

But the real beauty comes from how we treat ourselves when we are alone, with ourselves,, anaylising each thought and laughing.


Slowly with time when we become stronger and mature, we tend to focus more on our inner beauty and outer beauty because we know its key to everything. I was thinking why not we have an beauty regime for ourseleves at home, exploring new ways to satisfy;) Inner beauty— / Analyising Each thought / Giving ourselves the time to heal / Yoga / Checking up

Outer beauty— which takes alot of time / Skin care / Lip care / Hair care / Removal of extra hairs / Underarms / Nails / Private area and much more.

If we cover both areas from time to time, we dont have to worry about these things / When some surprise come / When we have to go urgently somewhere / Getting into depression / Lack of money / Lacking of confidence

Its just depend on time and effort, yeah money too!