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7 types of Sins- A Guilt


Its a really hot, and bad weather where i live and suddenly scrolling through insta i saw a video on sins its so remarkable to learn something like that……its an female charcter who is dressed up according to different types of sins while singing jazz. Sins never looks so hot…. So i thought i should also try writing about it and here is my outlook on it.
1. Lust
Lust is a strong passion or longing for sexual desires. Thinking about lust day and night is consider as sins……and also not healthy for relationship you are in.
2. Gluttony
Gluttony is an excessive and ongoing eating of food or drink……its like stress healers or a result of stress you are in. The more we engage in the more we lost ourselves.
3. Greed
Greed the word said it itself…..greed is so passi ate that it can destroy everything.

“The faith in yourself is lot bigger than anything”.

4. Sloth
Slot is a laziness to actually engage in work that benefits you,or thinking that it is waste of time because everything takes time
5. Wrath
Wrath is hatred towards another person….its like a poison to our head when in reality they dont even know or care.
6. Envy- Huh long definitions= boredom……let me give you an example if your friend has something you dont have and you take it… its yours according to you thats envy. Hm its pretty dangerous.
7. Pride- I dont think it should be a sin but we all know too much of everything is bad……and plus pride also encourges to avoid addressing others feelings and viewpoints….hm now making sense

These are the list of sins we all are guilty of but its okay self awareness is a key.. and its a life!

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How to nail down the perfect dirty talk?


This topic is high on weed {according to me} but i have to address it…..I have seen many couples- they are cute, supportive but One thing that is missing from their lovey- dovey life is “dirty talk”. I have an example for it, I randomly came across a a shitty couple they were trying to initiate sex by playing some children games(i mean that can be fun but wtf) anyways i left the chat opps room. So from that experience I thought for a while there could be more creative ways to initiate sex or dirty talk, so here are some;

1. Have a good sense of humour: Unless you are an comedian this is hard for you but with practice you can be funny and this plays a huge role into a great sex drive and dirty talks.

2. Dont be offensive: This is tied with a first point dont be offensive or in short nerd. Dirty talk should be fun, light, adventorus or all together. And by the way the more you losse yourself in the situation, the best it can get!

3. Have protection: This sounds like a disclaimer but yeah comeon we should be self awared and know the fact that it is for love making or making your bonding strong with your partner, not about having a child!

4. Learn to initiate sex in fun ways

Learning is an art and you are an artist😂 so try to be more creative with dirty talks and say things that you love about them that can be romantic and dirty both at the same time!

This is it for today, and it is my observation on the topic, so it may or may not work for you! So thankyou and have fun.

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Stress 2.0


This is the part2 of stress management techniques………….this will bring more peace. Stress is something which we deal on a regular basics as About one-third of people around the world reported feeling stressed, worried, and/or angry in 2019 (Gallup).
Approximately 284 million people worldwide have an anxiety disorder.
These is the issue that needs to tackle to live a good and prosper life.

Some good solutions:
1. Mediation- One of the best solutions is to invlove in mediation practice……it will help you to process your thoughts, improves your focus.
2. Have a good bath- Have a bath, it will help your body to feel relax and hydrated.
3. Counselling- If something is bothering you like chronic diease,,,,,talk to a counseller, treat him or her as a friend, let it out
4. Healing practices- Healing will remove inner negativity and toxics,,,just like filter helps to clean the water toxiants.
5. Continous process-
People often think that they are feeling happy and fullfilled they dont need to follow any routines specially regarding stress……but know the fact it is a continous process or cycle to harmony.

Its better to take medications, fall into bad habits of taking alcohol, etc. It helps you to be alive! Thankyou

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Stress Management Techniques


Stress or tension actually streams from negalcy, lonileness, lack of things we want,,,,,,etc etc. Either way stress always leads to negativity, self doubt and can leads to high functioning ‘depression’! The earlier we take a hold onto stress, the better we can control the situation and let     it go……with flow.

The point to be mentioned just before i jump into ways to control stress is stress can be cured as some chronic stressed people think its not but it can……its just an emotion, your belief.

Some few temporary reliefs:
1. Dont quit- If you are at the sitution where its too much to deal with, dont quit stay and embrace it.
2. Forgive- Forgive not because they deserve it but you deserve to be free from all burdens.
3. Have stress management tools- Such as soft teddies, cushions, puzzles, etc..    as when you are at your worse holding and touching them gives you a relief.
4. Express gratitude
5. Try your hobby- these one is tricky as we try  it wont relief us suddenly,,,,,,,,,but day after day, failure after failure it will.
6. Go to a party- dance, more dance, eat relax (no alcohol pls)
##   The key to stress management is buliding a positive habits to be in charge of any sitution…..or challenges. Know that if you go on it will build your character, shape your personality, gives you courage and you can name more.

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Opponent V/S you

Shall we start with a quote,? Yeah

Our biggest enemy is the past version of us.

Enemy, evil, opponent, or anything is hardest to deal with if its our inner thoughts, feelings, ego or laziness… a few. They can be called as ‘Sins’! Easy to fall and harder to escape- Trap. The more you look into the eye of the enemy and say- No more…….you are at peace and growth baby! Now, enemy is increased its strength and power, its not you or inner you……….because:

1. You know yourself and you can face any obstacle that is stopping you from growing.2. You are at peace with yourself.3. Past is no longer holding you back.

So, now what? The enemy is outer world with new challenges, with extreme toxicity and ego,even though you try to escape it, ignore it, deal with it………..its still there and it will be there! But I know you can face that enemy with the same courage, with more understanding……….why? Because if a warrior can stand in front of the mirror and be proud of themselves..can do anything in these world. Be brave!

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Harsh Reality

I have lost so many of my close friends or bestfriends in a year………..I thought it was my fault that i am not good enough but thinking about it gives me anxiety, more anxiety and more. Some are gone because they get what they wanted from me, some are toxic that before i cut them……they cut me off its like an off and on cycle……So it was really my fault? I dont think so

Maybe I forgot to standup for myself, maybe i am really not good enough to provide them with comfort they need. Whatever it is, the reality still stinks, its hard to even imagine my life without them,,,,,,,but I have to move on, I cant take that shit anymore.😔

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When you know its love


I have been thinking a while about these concept but I never get the answer which gives me pleasure. But on a daily basics when small activites occurs which makes me smile even just for a moment………thats love. The urge to see someone smile, or the urge to enjoy in rain or drink cold coffee…..all comes under love. And i guess that is enough! Sometimes it can be overwhelming as we are getting what we deserve, but time its exactly what is made for ‘you’.😋

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Averege V/S Outstanding

There are millions of people all around us but only one or two percent seems like they are special, they have something which others lack, its there outstanding personality that seprate them from average…… what is the key differation between average and outstanding. Here are some:

√ Average people lies and hide behind mask whereas outstanding persona knows how to be themselves.

√ Average people make their lives worse with poor lifestyle whereas the outstanding people have such a good lifestyle,,,,,,it is remarkable.

√ Average people dont care about anything and anyone expect themselves whereas well i dont have to say about outstanding ones……they are selfless.

√ Average people gossip and keep an keen eye on peoples…….but outstanding personality keeps an eye on ideas and growth.

Last but not the least…….they read alot, yes average personality (I am talking about porn magzines, blogs etc😆) but outstanding does it too but they are not addicted. Thats how outstanding knows how to live their life with its fullest and also they work.