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Sparkle fades- As reality strikes in


The more I look back, the more I laugh…I lived a life worth mentioning, dreams after dreams, motivation after motivation…..Alots of books on different topics, doing whatever the fuck I wanted and then giving myself a name ‘Special’. Lol

As I move on I realized that sometimes its okay to not do or know something… not read every book before writing, or asking for a bill from a waiter lol. Just doing whatever we wanted, is classified as we dont have anything logical going in our life., so brain as to do something. The more reality strikes the more we know, everything was just useless…. making memories, everything, at last the thing you have done a day before or doing today is visible in your eyes or bad past…nothing new or nothing good. Being special is divine, it holds so much power that we had to become a god lol no.

The type of things I heard during this phase:
– Belive in yourself
– Go with your heart
– Trust your gut
– learn to love yourself
– Be special
– Be at a moment
– Forgive
– Heal
– Love

Dont you think we already know this, it will matter only when we heard from others? Nahh
Ahh worth mentioning…..Fanatises. With the end of fantises and dramas, I am going to change my site settings and try to catch up with reality.


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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