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A desire to be NORMAL

Its been a while I have written a blog or so………my patience, desires just dies. I have everything…….but it is scattered around like pieces. I am so scared to go out of my comfort zone that i make a home out of it…..i never felt so lonely before. I want to live and open that door to see what it has for me…….little do I know it will ties together everything I have and Everything i will get in future. I am tired of stalling in present or returning back to the past where past rejects me already. Likely, the only hope is three things

-My family -My partner -Myself

I opened that door……and the hidden surprise was not belive in yourself or just be different…….or just be a writer or asshole. It was education…………to master skills in order to ties everything together. No more stalling or no more dreams or lack of it. I am not guilty of past because Thats who I was………….I am ready to dive in with enthusiasm.;-)


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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