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Meditation- An unknown battle



Meditation or yoga whatever name we might use, the effects will remain same. So, it doesnt matter. The real thing is it is a ‘Battle field’ trying to reach towards the highest level of consciousness
Meditation either done in nature or done in class makes you ‘limitless’. It starts and ends with a cycle or process, taking us on a journey, that has alot of surprises and turnovers as:
* No phone aka personal or business life.
* No noise (if it is morning).
* no eating,walking or making overselves busy.
* Trying not to overthink.
* And focusing on a _breathe_.

       Please inhale and exhale
A quick remainder, the person cannot switch their minds completely off, its impossible…….but with a practice its easier for anyone to bring back their attention where they left it. Why it is called a ‘Battle field’?
   The battle will begin the day of your excitement ‘yes, I am gonna be fit’ and ends when you can finally be at ease and comfort with process. The cycle continues.
   More we think about it, more we feel scary to take steps towards it but trust me….you will not remain same once you know yourself. Body ache, overanalyizing thoughts, frstrution, focus detantion all are signs that you are at the right path, there is no going back no matter what.
‘He is so lame’, ‘why me’, ‘What to do next’, oh shit i get blank during the process ‘I am so dumb’! Shit shit

The struggle


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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