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Cooking- A messy Art


What’s the best thing to learn that can be useful for a long run?
Its depend on you but I mean comeon, the best thing is always cooking……..everyone or maybe most of them desires to be a chef, once in their entire life. As growing up either at home or hostel or anywhere, the first thing parents even society pressurize us is to learn basic cooking for our survival. Now thats exterme, cooking can be really diverse and adventorous, flavourful how we only got skills for basic food with zero flavours?
I cant as I tried to be a lazy chef but to be honest it wouldnt work it in a long run for me, how?
       – Laziness wont give me desirable results.
       – I dont know flavours that work with dishes.
       – The proper prepration, cooking time, picking up fresh leaves to sprinkle in the top, either to add turmeric or completely skip it, to sweeten it up or to make it salty, should I go for it or not ectera.
        – The health benefits of the ingredients,
        – Baking, Bowling, making milkshakes and smoothies.
        – The smell, texture,color, creamy smooth, crunchy!

I guess, all this is suppossed to be missing in a good and healthy dish. Even though more we cook the more we learn is basically a useless joke because we are gonna just do the same exact thing but with a style;) No improvement

Cooking is an art just like other activites if it is done in the right way can be really useful for our overall development, sure some dont like to cook or lazy enough but knowing the basics can be helpful…….its not just a skill its an lifeskill.
The best way to master it is by “Group study and books.”
Yes, you heard it right, the books have all the knoweledge that is required or needed at a time and learning with others, knowing their style and not so faviourte tips is how one can learn…better than just copy & paste what a Youtube videos are showing;)


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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