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The Indian heritage

The Indian Heritage


I want to be honest with this one, as i want to say this is the country everyone should explore once [but with a plan] as it is so diverse, flavourful, colourful and even more. As an indian, i know both good and bad parts of the country so i am not being a biased Asshole.

Starting with history…..who has time for that,lets skip it to the main part.

It is a known fact that india has diverse culture and people, how they present themseleves alittle differently from others not as a competetion but as they are which is a statement. They belive in culture and stick to it, eventhough it feels like old fashioned but it isnt. The person who can see stars while putting their feet in the ground are the best.

Food Festivals
Festivals and food, best comibination. I seriously dont have words for it, yeah but i can say festivals covers everything overall how?
Fasting good for body and mind
Holi for bhang and Colours
Deepwali and new year for fire crackers
Navaratri for Lenhnga choli and even more.

Here are those who are spiritual throughout their life or some turn into spiritual as they go on with their life. Spirituality used in a good sense can be enlightening and can feel at its core.

Last is huge support, here the main thing i like is the huge support i always get when i needed the most or just randomly.

Okay lets talk about bad sides of it as well,

I will be so honest with this….i hate it how india has really large population and even a lack of education. In this generation, people are getting a right education and people still are stuck in please god do something.

Black magic
Not to mention the concept of black magic and its believer, these are the people who take spirituality too seriously. Either people here believe it or not, there is no in between.

Old fashioned
People here are not progressing,
As Jim kwik, ‘There is no such thing as failure, only failure to learn’. And thats stops someone to progress in right direction even though they will degrade.

Again the india comes in the country, which is known by corruption and short cuts. Now think, there is no such thing as short cuts or is it?

There are lots of good things to mention too, but the huge one is yoga and its healing power it has. Try it someday. Now, i am tired talking bad about my country and also feeling bad… sigh


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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