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Sense of humor- Things to avoid


Sense of Humor - Things to avoid

Difference between an good and dry sense of humor is 'the ability to be you'.
I know its freaking hard to be yourself and have good sense of this generation. Humor is good for our brain and body health, and making ourselves good in many situations and sometimes its okay to messed up, this will suddenly provides you with an ability to laugh at yourself. But there is so many things we need to avoid while cracking jokes!

1. First one will be making fun of others, no matter how good or bad someone look the making fun of them is a no no trait for good freaking humor. If the hatred is going on, stay away from them to avoid guilt and aggression.
2.Avoid Trolling, this is the huge factor as the trend increases the trolling increases, think like that you are with people discussing something and suddenly two people start lightly teasing you and it is okay, then it increases in a huge trolling, how would it feel! Worse
Try to avoid trolling others and being a victim of it, speak! Okay, why i am giving motivational speech lol lets continue
There is thin line between teasing and trolling
And every good sense of humor people know how not to cross it.
3. Avoid discussing about politics, religions and sexual topics. Its a big no no
4.Not checking in with yourself, the matter of fact is sometimes we tend to forget that we are crossing our limits or maybe jokes are falling flat, so make sure to check, pause, breath and start again.
5. Prepare alittle bit before, not much as jokes would come naturally within you so alittle bit to avoid being a foolish or running out of jokes.
6. Avoid agression in your jokes, as anger will not suppose to give that orginailty whatsover.
7. Last point is Patience is a key and learn to laugh on other jokes as well.

Humor is an art, and it should go that way, the more we engage with it the better we feel and make others as well.


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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