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Rejection hurts alot, specially someone else rejected us. It hurts to the core and gave us so many questions like

/ Where I am wrong?
/Where I was wrong?
/ Why this has happened to me?

Rejection can be of many forms such as ghosting, ignoring, love bombing, etc. All has the same effect on our brain and specially heart. Why people does that,? Common. But the main question arises what if we reject someone, it just break our heart in million pieces and left us with more questions than ever before.

Seems like I am just having questions and more questions than answers of each. Sometimes its really hard to divert our mind from it specially if that person was close to the heart.
    One quote of Jim kwik, goes like ‘Rejection is god’s protection’. And I agree 100%  even if it takes time to understand why the actual fuck it happened at first place that also brings me a point that we reject someone not because we are rejected in past but it is necessary for us and also them. Feeling aplogitic for it is really common, but saying sorry is our choice as

Nicole lapin, an american go to finance expert once said, saying sorry means you are putting weeknesses on how you present yourself to the world. Be yourself!

Eventhough after that you still chase the person or still recalling and feeling numb for a while…. its okay to surrender oureselves to the situation as some situations are not in our control. So lets focus on what we can control.


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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