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Why its necessary to have proper Sex education?

nǐ hǎo,

Dont get me wrong with the title, that i am going in wrong direction (yeah alittle bit for the explanation). Its being a year my mind was stuck on this, that i am very curious about how my body works with my mind and vice-versa and thought for awhile that what is sex?  Why i dont know much about it? Why the things arent as i want to?

The simple reason is the lack of sex education we can say it proper education. Still doing sex or being in a physical relationship with one partner or many is not enough. The education is still education….

– To know more about our own body and ways to satisfy it.
– Not engaging in forced sex or being a victim of assualt.
– Not be addicted
– Not to catch stds or pregancy or both+ infection
– How to take care of our health
– Taking sex stuffs too lightly
– And list goes on and on
– And importantly (I know. Kind of people)

Our health is really important either it is physical, sexual, mental, finiacial and spiritual, its our responsibility to know about it.

Sex is just being used for
No.1 reason is to satisfy our own pleasures
[Mark it many of them dont consider their partner needs period]
Need or want
Because of afraid of being lonely
Being in a realtionship
Because they are in a sudden mood (that doesnt mean the partner is also in mood)
Trying porn
For getting pregnant

The real test is sex is very intimate act and it is done when both partners (any gender) is ready or aroused with proper constent. Sex is done to build intimacy, romance sometimes rough and to know each other on a different level with proper protection and taking proper care of both wants.

Sex means being present at the moment, knowing that you love the person that is in front of you…. you know yourself and the needs.
It doesnt feel like new or chore….its just what it is. Sex is done without judgement (either the person is virgin or not) and lots of foreplay.
  And most importantly, you and your body is ready to have sex despite of your friends are having fun and you forced yourself to have sex.
It can be much more called it love making…. but it depends on ‘you’.  Another thing, is not feeling gulity if you messed up or why you had sex, its your choice.

You are enough!


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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