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Sense of humor- An art

Generally from writing to publishing or even accounts, the key is to have a great or atleast good sense of humor.

Reasons for having good sense of humor:
- Makes your environment light (work pressure or crisis)
- Makes Sex great
- Provides an ability to laugh at ourselves, this is in turn made us less reactive towards every small thing that is happening around us.
- Confidence
- Helps in coping up with illness and even stress.
- Postivity

'As laughing is the best medicine'.

How to have a good sense of humor,

Laugh at yourself, that doesnt make you a less of human being ,generally means it is who you are. Mistakes are part of life, learn to laugh at your own mistakes
This brings me to next point, practice as much as you can as success wont happen overnight.
Accept failure sometimes as you begin to procced on maybe your jokes fall flat or maybe it worked (yess,finally).
So accept it.
Little bit of dirty jokes wont hurt anyone;)
Try new adventures do something creative.
And last but not the least, be yourself!

Go ahead and try it, as you move forword it comes naturally within you.


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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