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I am the one who loves to explore the world as it is, not trying to be in a comfort zone or people expectations. Once, I complain alot about how bad my jokes are and people fake laughed it, and I wish I might have a good sense of humor. Now as growing up, developed a good sense of humor which might or might not liked by others and remembering those days when our sense of humor actually sucks, no complain.

I am type of a person who loves barrish (rain) along with good company and a coffee mug, sharing same old stories over and over again, and laughing because we have nothing to do atleast for a moment. I am also a person who will be sad when something sad happened and vice versa, no face mask (COVID ones i remember)
Sometimes people hate it when I am angry af but expressing our emotions is what makes us human and mostly light……

     I love to talk about life, foods and travel, and stories. Why?
As a spiritual person, I feel everything at its deepest level and how beautiful the journey was or going to be, so sharing actually makes me smile. As looking back, all small things or experiences either bad or good, adds up and now I am here writing and reading and learning. I am grateful for everything that happened to me, and makes me stronger than ever before.


I am a yoga expert and learner............I love to express my works through writing. Enjoy reading!

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